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All Random

Welcome to today’s edition of All Random, where I feature an assortment of pics for your enjoyment. You may laugh at some! You may salivate at others! One thing you definitely won’t do is say you weren’t entertained. So, sit back and enjoy my amazing concoction of pictures from around the web, created just for you.

Top 10 Jobs That No Longer Exist

Take a look at these 10 jobs from back in the day that are no longer in existence, and try to imagine any one of them as your career choice. I can honestly say none are particularly appealing, but #2, for sure, is a big “HELL NO” for me!

10 Hottest Tanya Mityushina Photos

Tanya Mityushina is a 23 year-old Russian model and actress, best known for her appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and her role in the 2013 film, ‘Don Jon’, with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Tanya is All Chic, and I’m, definitely, a fan!

All Chic: The Village Of Zalipie

Zalipie is a small quaint village in Poland, where one small cosmetic fix turned into a phenomenon. Rumor has it that one of the residents painted a colorful flower on their ceiling to cover up a simple blemish. Next thing you know, every resident began doing the same thing, resulting in the entire village being blanketed with colorful murals. It’s all pretty amazing! Check it out…