All Chic: The Village Of Zalipie

Zalipie is a small quaint village in Poland, where one small cosmetic fix turned into a phenomenon. Rumor has it that one of the residents painted a colorful flower on their ceiling to cover up a simple blemish. Next thing you know, every resident began doing the same thing, resulting in the entire village being blanketed with colorful murals. It’s all pretty amazing! Check it out…

The Cast Of ‘Friends’ – Then VS Now

Friends was, and still is, an iconic sitcom. Just peruse through a cable television guide for a week, and you’ll see what I mean. Father time does a number on everyone, but the cast has aged well for the most part, as evidenced in these two photos, one from way back in 1994 and the other taken within the past year. One thing’s for sure, no matter how much time passes, these ‘Friends’ will never get old!

Not At All Chic

Now, this is an unusual episode of Not At All Chic as it has nothing to do with an individual who could care less about his/her appearance. Say hello to Madison Beer looking cross-eyed and pigeon-toed outside of Catch in Los Angeles. Now, of course, Madison looks amazing 99.9% of the time. This has more to do with the dirty photog who snapped this gem of the 17-year-old singer. It just goes to show that anyone at any given time can look a damn mess. I won’t hold this one against her.

Julie Bowen Went See Through At The Sag Awards

Modern Family is great American television, and I hope it never ends. Julie Bowen plays hot mom, Claire Dunphy, in the hit sitcom, and the 46 year-old actress decided to strut her stuff on the red carpet at the 23rd Annual Sag Awards in Los Angeles. Julie rocked a see-through number that left little to the imagination, and I think it’s appropriate that we all say thank God for that!