Category: Outrageous

Donald Trump Is Driving People Underground

It’s incredible how much fear has spread across our society, in such a short time, since Donald Trump was confirmed as our next leader. I’ve read so many stories it’s even beginning to seep into my psyche a bit. There are some, however, whose fear has taken them to a whole new level. Just ask Gary Lynch of Rising S Bunkers, the largest bunker manufacturer in America. If Trump is going to “Make America Great Again”, Gary Lynch is going to “Make America Safe Again”, because since The Trump Tornado rolled into the White House, more and more people than ever before are going underground. Yes, they are paying to have their very own personal bunkers built because of their fear of what “The Donald” will bring! Check out our small sample size of Gary’s work. It’s pretty amazing!

Man Dressed As A Woman Robs Bank Of America

A man dressed as a woman(with a horribly loud outfit and hideous, colorful wig) walked into a Bank Of America branch in Florida and proceeded to rob it. His getaway plan needed some work, however. He was nabbed by police after a slow-speed chase on a bicycle. You read that correctly – a bike! Only one thought comes to mind – choose a better outfit, next time.┬áIt’ll draw less attention.