Category: Not At All Chic

An Epic Sexy Heels Fail

Aw man, this is hard to watch. Bless her lanky little heart! You know how sometimes you can fail gracefully? Yeah, this ain’t one of those times! She had to just take both shoes off and then curtsy after that debacle. Charge this one to the game and move along. Good luck living this one down. Nice heels tho!

Not At All Chic

I remember my mother telling me a story about how she never wanted to leave the house looking crazy undone, because she never knew who she might run into. It has become apparent to me that not everyone has a mother as insightful as mine, ‘cuz what the Sam Hill does she have on? Halloween doesn’t even excuse this train wreck(see what I did there?). Let this be a lesson to ya, cuz this is NOT AT ALL CHIC!!!