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Nina Dobrev At A XXX Premiere

Let’s just dive right into some Nina Dobrev, shall we? No pun intended, but the scuba gear is on. Miss Dobrev tore up the red carpet, which was actually black, at a XXX: Return Of ¬†Xander Cage premiere, a couple of weeks ago, rocking an Elie Saab dress paired with some Sophia Webster shoes and a Jimmy Choo clutch purse. Are you impressed with my fashion sense? Well, don’t be!!

The Vampire Diaries is coming to an end, so thanks to Vin Diesel for keeping Miss Dobrev employed, as I’m sure this role will lead to more roles for the Bulgarian hottie who plays a character by the name of Becky Clearidge in the film. After all, I’m gonna need to get my Nina fix somehow, and she is surely lighting my fire in this black dress straight from the gates of hell that has me doing the splits as I’m writing this very post. If she continues to remain hot as fish grease, I’m afraid I’ll be forced to make several trips to the theater in the near future. As a matter of fact, I’m going to buy my 1st ticket on Fandango right now. XXX started like 10 days ago, so I’m hoping Nina will forgive my tardiness. I’m on my way, Girl!