A Beginner’s Guide To Supplements

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Supplements are a great way to assist you in achieving your exercise goals, whatever they may be. There are supplements designed to give you energy, burn fat, put on weight, and everything in between. When used correctly, supplementation can be amazingly beneficial. However, there are also some serious downsides to using supplements as well.

Because, in the broad scheme of things, supplements are the new kids on the block, there is little research that has been done on the long term effects of supplement use on the human body. Sure, everyone enjoys the short term effects that they can see after a month or two of use, but what happens five years, or ten years down the line after daily use? For many of the ingredients used in supplements there is no established daily value because they’re so new. There is no doubt that your liver works overtime when you use supplements, but depending on what you take you could be straining your heart, stomach, and other bodily systems as well.