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All Random

Welcome to today’s edition of All Random, where I feature an assortment of pics for your enjoyment. You may laugh at some! You may salivate at others! One thing you definitely won’t do is say you weren’t entertained. So, sit back and enjoy my amazing concoction of pictures from around the web, created just for you.

Ivanka Trump Products Removed At Nordstrom

According to Yahoo via The AP, Ivanka Trumps clothing and accessory lines will no longer be sold at Nordstrom, and other retailers may soon follow suit.

Nordstrom will stop selling Ivanka Trump clothing and accessories, creating some questions about the future of the brand elsewhere.

The Seattle-based department store chain said the decision was based on the sales performance of the first daughter’s brand. Neiman Marcus may be the next one to pull back on the label, as the branded jewelry is nowhere to be seen on the upscale retailer’s website as of Friday.

This should surprise no one. But sales performance, obviously, had little to do with it! To say the name ‘Trump’ has become a pariah is a drastic understatement. Selling Trump merchandise is looked upon as a form of support. Support results in a whole bunch of middle fingers aimed in your direction. So, the only course of action is to separate yourself entirely. Nordstrom, along with any other retailer, has no choice! Think The Donald will retaliate?

An Epic Sexy Heels Fail

Aw man, this is hard to watch. Bless her lanky little heart! You know how sometimes you can fail gracefully? Yeah, this ain’t one of those times! She had to just take both shoes off and then curtsy after that debacle. Charge this one to the game and move along. Good luck living this one down. Nice heels tho!

Adrienne Houghton At The NAACP Image Awards

Don’t even think about judging me, but I watch ‘The Real’, mainly because of that spicy cup of Latina sauce, Adrienne Houghton. She never disappoints! Israel Houghton is one lucky man! Don’t get me wrong, her co-hosts are far from shabby, but given a choice of which would head my one-woman show, AB gets the nod every time! Here’s Mrs. Houghton attending the NAACP Image Awards in the City of Angels, where she definitely belongs! 

All Geek: Lord Of The Rings Cast Reunites

Dominic Monaghan who famously played “Merry” in ‘The Lord of The Rings’ films recently shared some pics of his reunion with a few of his cast mates on Instagram. Dominic, seemingly, had a ball with Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd and Viggo Mortensen at what looks to be a vintage pub located just outside of Middle Earth. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed these films. To put it into perspective, I absolutely hate spiders, but I’ve seen  ‘Return of the King’ at least 20 times. Excuse me while I geek out a bit and enjoy some fond memories of  LOTR.

Donald Trump Is Driving People Underground

It’s incredible how much fear has spread across our society, in such a short time, since Donald Trump was confirmed as our next leader. I’ve read so many stories it’s even beginning to seep into my psyche a bit. There are some, however, whose fear has taken them to a whole new level. Just ask Gary Lynch of Rising S Bunkers, the largest bunker manufacturer in America. If Trump is going to “Make America Great Again”, Gary Lynch is going to “Make America Safe Again”, because since The Trump Tornado rolled into the White House, more and more people than ever before are going underground. Yes, they are paying to have their very own personal bunkers built because of their fear of what “The Donald” will bring! Check out our small sample size of Gary’s work. It’s pretty amazing!